3 Reasons You Need a Robot

Stop doing what you hate and maximize your time

There are certain things I don’t like to do. In fact, if there are minute details involved, I’m probably not very happy.

My wife doesn’t like to vacuum. I’m not sure I know anyone who does. But she likes clean floors. The reality is, she can do much more important things that vacuum our floors.

So for Mother’s Day this year, the kids and I pooled our resources and bought my wife a Roomba. If you aren’t familiar, it is a robot vacuum cleaner. And it is awesome. Remember that big hockey puck on wheels in Breaking Bad – that’s it.

Today, my wife spent the morning volunteering at our children’s school. That is a much more valuable use of her time. And while she was there, our robot vacuum was cleaning our floors. She made a great choice in how she spent her time. She didn’t do a task she didn’t like. And the floors a clean.

You need a robot.

In fact, every person should buy a robot for these 3 reasons.

  1. You have regular tasks you don’t like – This is a quality of life issue. What are the things you just don’t like to do. Make a list. Now which ones of those are recurring? These are candidates for automation. What kind of robot can handle these for you? Maybe it is rules you can set up in your inbox. Maybe you need a virtual assistant. Maybe you need to use the staff in your office better. But if it is repeatable, you can train someone else to do it.
  2. You have better things to do with your time – This is an efficiency issue. Most of you reading this blog likely have an income goal for the year. To hit that goal, you need to make a certain amount an hour. Do you know what that number is? When you spend your limited time on tasks that aren’t worth that number, you are falling behind your pace. You have to know what your time is worth and make decisions accordingly.
  3. Tasks still need to get done – This is just reality. Just because you don’t like it or it isn’t the best use of your time – that doesn’t mean that you can ignore it. I’ve tried. But you don’t have to be the one to do it. Build a system that can handle it.

You need a robot. Your robot could take many forms. It might be an assistant or a virtual assistant. It could just be creating a system for your team to follow. Maybe it is as simple as batching your tasks to maximize your productivity.

Question: What one thing can you identify this week that needs to get done, is a poor use of your time, and that you do not like to do? Now go get you a robot! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • ClientLook

    You nailed it Bo. It’s all about highest and best use. My approach has always been to delegate anything I can in order to focus on higher value tasks. It’s a discipline, but it sure pays off.
    – Michael Griffin

  • hfklaw

    So good to see your post here. It has been too long. Keep it up. We downsized in December from a 4,000 square foot house to a 1,700 square foot condo and we love it. As part of our move, we lost the built-in barbecue, not that we used it much. But my wife has been insisting that we get a small barbecue for the front porch. So, for Mother’s Day, I bought her the barbecue and cooked steaks on Sunday. Her sister jokingly criticized me and told her, “at least it’s not a vacuum cleaner”. Hey, what is it with them? I thought the barbecue, with me doing the cooking and the Roomba are great ideas.

    • Howard – good to hear from you my friend. I always thought that vacuum cleaners, gym memberships, etc. are gifts to stay far away from. But this is a robot! Maybe we should create a robot grill.

  • hfklaw

    Maybe we should create a production company called “good robot” since there is already one called Bad Robot. And, by the way, I couldn’t agree with you more. Anything that makes our wives lives easier and better should be considered a great gift.

  • Scotty Beal

    Wait a minute, Bo, I thought the only reason we had teenagers was so that they could do all the tasks and chores we hate! Oh, yeah, that’s right, that was before they became permanently attached to their phones.

    Seriously though, good to have you posting again! As I harken back to vacuuming the pool this morning at 6:00 a.m., I am beginning to see the wisdom of your ways!!

    • Luckily, my parents have a pool and live less than a mile away. Thus, I will never have to have a pool! Thanks for your comment Scotty.

  • Bo I am so glad to see you are comfortable with a cleaning robot in your home and you have accepted the inevitable. Wait till you see what is happening with cleaning robots in commercial buildings! Cleaning is a significant cost so what happens to the VALUE of a commercial property with a 20% DECREASE in cleaning expense through the use of robots? #RobotJanitors