[Video] Ask Bo – A Question from Brian Fleming

In this edition of Ask Bo, Brian Fleming submits his question.  Brian is a CRE pro from Fort Lauderdale and wants to know my take on all the new CRE tech apps that seem to come out on a weekly basis.

How can you remain productive if you are spending all your time trying to learn new applications?  Great question.

I share the 4 essential CRE applications (or software) you absolutely need to remain competitive.  And I also share a huge need that the CRE industry needs.

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  • You and Brian rocked this one. Very, very good question and great answer. I think the other point is that sites like theBrokerList are integrators with ALL technologies. We are open and friendly and want to embrace our neighbor websites. For instance we are a technology partner with BuildOut and BrokerSavant, which saves our members so much time and effort. We want to integrate theBrokerList with the best companies out there and provide a wonderful experience that makes business sense for all. Plus we help promote while they are effortlessly using our site. It is a win-win and it is what makes us different. Brian is a valued member of tBL and is one of the first 1,000 to join our site! He is a very valued tBL member to us as he believed in us from our early days. Thanks Brian, we appreciate it so much! http://thebrokerlist.com/brian-fleming