Ask Me a Question From Allen Buchanan

I got my first question from the new voicemail feature last week and I wanted to respond right away.   And even though the question from Allen Buchanan was in jest, I got to share my fool-proof 4 step system to a winning March Madness bracket.

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  • abuchanan

    NICE! I thought Irish Eyes were going to shine on Saturday…I know you felt the chill…

  • Rod Santomassimo

    Bo, how much were you sweating on Saturday evening, when Kentucky was down by 6, late in the second half?

    • I was sweating it – no question. I thought the season was over. Thankfully, the boys in blue came through!

  • hfklaw

    Unfortunately, just picking the champion is no guarantee that you are going to win your bracket. I picked Kentucky and through the Elite 8, my total score on ESPN was in the top 2%. Best I have ever done, this far into the tournament. I was way ahead of my competition and it looked like I was going to wrap it up. So much for overconfidence. I picked Gonzaga over Duke. With that loss, my older son pulled ahead of me and since we both picked the 3 other teams in the final four, I can’t beat him, even if Kentucky wins, which I picked for the championship. For shame, he will never, ever let me forget it.

    • Howard – you are missing the point! If Kentucky wins, everyone wins!

  • CREOutsider

    Love this! And very funny “premiere” episode. Since my team (Syracuse) was…ahem…”disqualified”…from competition, I needed something NCAA related to laugh about.

    • Yeah – not the best year for the ‘Cuse. Just bandwangon with BBN this week. I won’t tell anyone!

  • hfklaw

    Ugh, your right Bo, at least from your perspective, but not in my house.

    • That’s the beauty of having your own platform, Howard! It communicates your perspective. Have a great day my friend!