My Son Lip-Sync's 'Let it Go'

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon, my son thought that we should have the first annual Barron Family Lip-Sync Competition.  He also wanted to have the competition on his blog –  Not bad for an 8 year old, eh?

The rules are as follows: whoever has the most comments, likes, etc. wins.  I thought I would give his sight a boost by inviting all of you to check it out.  I’ll be posting my daughter’s video in a few days.  Be sure you check out Ben’s blog.  He can’t type yet so he is big on video.

Results of the 2014 Reader Survey

Two weeks ago, I launched my first ever reader’s survey.  My goal was to better understand my readers so that I can provide better value in my content.  You have responded, and I am grateful.  Hundreds of you took the time to take the survey.

Young businessman

I am going to share with you the results by profiling my average reader.  If you don’t fit this profile, don’t worry.  You are welcome.  Frankly, I don’t fit this profile.  So let’s take a look at my average reader, and then I will draw some conclusions.

My reader is male (77%) between the ages of 45-64 (58%).  He has a bachelor’s degree or higher (78%).  He is most likely a CRE broker or business owner (69%), and he lives in the United States (95%).

He makes over $100,000 a year (63%) or even $200,000+ a year (27%).  He is predominantly Christian (80%) attending church at least once a week (59%).  His faith is very important to him (69%).  He does not have a blog (77%) and reads 1-2 books a month.  As an aside, my wife says that you need to pick it up a bit.  She read 144 books in 2013 – incredible!

It is no surprise that I just described the Commercial Real Estate industry.  It is dominated by 50+ year old white men who tend to be behind the curve when it comes to technology.  CRE needs more women.  CRE needs more diversity.   CRE needs more tech.


  • Main topics of interests in order:  Productivity (62%), Prospecting (56%), Personal Development (53%), Life Lessons (52%), and Creating Presence (50%).  I am very glad to hear that these are the top ones.  Most of the content I have planned for this year fall into these categories.
  • More content – The number one comment I received regarding improving my blog was to give more content.  For the first part of 2013, I was posting 3 times a week.  It burnt me out and I ended up taking the summer off.  That was a big mistake.  My goal for 2014 is one post a week.  However, based on the feedback I received, I will throw in the 2nd weekly post on occasion.
  • Videos- I had a surprising amount of requests for videos.  I’m not sure what to do with this.  Video isn’t easy for me to do.  I don’t really own the equipment.  I have a brother that can do it all, but he’s a cruise ship performer (tough gig!).  I would love to create video content, however.  If you have any suggestions on how I might look into this, please let me know in the comments.
  • Readability – Readability was the comment I received the most when I asked what you liked best about the blog.  I’m very pleased with this response as I try very hard to create content that is very readable.  
    My absolute favorite response to the question of what do you like best about my blog was:  “your my son whats not to like.” My mom is a grammar queen so thanks Dad! I love you.
  • Can’t please everyone – I don’t often get accused of trying to please everyone.  Frankly, I think it is futile, counter-productive, and impossible.  This is true with this blog as well.  Some people are asking for more pictures and links.  Some are asking me to take the clutter out.  Some want me to eliminate the talk about my faith.  Some want me to use more scripture.  Some love the variety of topics while others want me to focus on just one thing.  I can’t please everyone so some things I will just be going with my gut.

I’m so very grateful to those who participated in the survey.  It was so very helpful to me.  It has given me the data I was craving so I can create better content for you.

Question: Do you have any other suggestions? If so, I’m all ears! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey

One of my goals for the year is to take this blog to the next level.  I want it to be more valuable and beneficial to my readers.  To accomplish this, I would love to know more about YOU.  To that end, I have created my 2014 Reader Survey.

reader survey pic

Would you please take a few moments to fill out this survey?  By doing so, you will ultimately be helping yourself.  Why, you ask?  Because you will be helping me make my content even more relevant to you.

I covet your input – it is important to me.  The survey is very easy to take.  It should take you 5 minutes or less.  The survey results are completely anonymous.  There is no way for me to know which of you said what.

Take the Survey Now!

Thanks so much!

2014 is here!  Do you want to make this your best year ever?  Setting goals is one thing, but building habits into your life is what will actually get you to the place you want to go.  Michael Hyatt has produced 3 free videos that are incredibly helpful in helping you make 2014 your best year ever.  I challenge you to watch these videos and maximize 2014!

The first video is below.  You can find all 3 at

Happy New Year my friends!

My cousin, Lindsey O’Brien Kesling, was just 22 years old when she died due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in her Scottsdale, Arizona apartment in November 2010. My little bro, Timmy Baron (26), stars in this informative video produced/edited by Lindsey’s brother, William Kesling (19),, and filmed by Dane Kissel.

LOK Wishing Tree Foundation is a youth arts organization founded in Lindsey’s memory. Besides their focus on creating performing and creative arts opportunities for youth in underserved areas, LOK Wishing Tree Foundation also feels a strong commitment to carbon monoxide awareness and safety to help prevent other tragic deaths.

I ask you to sign the petition mentioned in the video to make CO testing mandatory in all states.  The next 30 seconds of your life could save the lives of many others.  Please act now by going here to sign the petition – Lindsey O’Brien Kesling Wishing Tree Foundation.

To get more information about the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation – click here!

Are You Ready for Some Football? 5 Reasons CRE is Better than Football

In much of the country, kids are back in school.  That is certainly the case here.  This means that although it is 95 degrees here, my summer break from blogging is over.  It is time to start writing again.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The other great thing about this time of year is the start of football!  Tomorrow I’m taking my boys and heading to Nashville to watch the University of Kentucky kick off their season against Bobby Petrino and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.  Feel free to post your snide remarks about UK football in the comments.

Earlier today, I received an email from one of my former coaching clients, Chad Grout.  Chad is a master Commercial Real Estate Broker in Nashville, TN and is the owner of Urban Grout.  His email was so good I want to share it with you.

Five Reasons Commercial Real Estate is Better than Football

  1. You will get to play every position at some point in your career.
  2. You can make more money playing for both sides at the same time.
  3. If you don’t do your job you don’t get paid anything at all.
  4. You can play as many games as you want and only your wins are counted.
  5. You can play hard until you’re 90 years old.

Five Reasons Football is Better than Brokerage

  1. There is an off-season.
  2. You don’t get yelled at when the other guy drops the ball.
  3. Regular paychecks!
  4. No matter how bad you screw up, you always get another chance.
  5. When you get blind-sided, at least you have pads.

So let me hear from you.  What is your favorite thing about this time of the year?  What other parallels or contrasts to do you see between CRE and football?  Post your comments below!

Ask Me Your Questions

Take a look at the right column of this site.  I encourage you to sign up for the email list of this blog.  Not only will you receive every new post directly to your email inbox, but you will be the first to know of any new announcements.  There are some exciting ones coming up.  And I will never give your info to anyone…ever.

iStockPhoto from myrrha

iStockPhoto from myrrha

2013 is a year of new beginnings for me.  This blog has a new look and an expanded scope.  I have a new job.  I have a new vision for the future and new goals.  I couldn’t be more excited.

Another shift that starts now is I am purposing to focus more upon the highest interests of my readers.  Practically, that means I am trying to write for my readers.  Until this point, I’ve been writing whatever I hoped would be interesting or useful for someone.

In one of last week’s posts, The One Secret to Winning the Business Every Time, I make the case that the most important thing that you can do with your clients and prospects is understand their needs.  You do that by asking questions.

So today, I’m asking for your questions.  Here is how this will work.  You can ask me anything.  As this blog is focused on Next Practices in Life, Business, and Commercial Real Estate, your questions simply need to fall into one of those categories.  Feel free to ask about my experiences, background, job, or my thoughts on any subject.  I’m certainly no expert in most subjects, but I have thoughts on most.  I will respond in one of 3 ways:

  1. Your question will turn into a post – Some of you already been firing questions at me – and they are great questions. Those that warrant a full post will get it.
  2. I will respond that I don’t have a clue – This may happen more than I’d like.  However, if I don’t know, then I will tell you.
  3. I will find out – I expect some questions will pique my curiosity and will send me searching.  In that case, I will report back what I find.

To give you a feel for what I am working on, here are some post titles coming up in the future.


  • A Review of the App ‘Book on Her’
  • How to Pursue the Hearts of Your Children
  • How to Create a Healthy Family Culture


  • The 7 Steps to Cast a Vision that People will Follow
  • The Art of Delegation Results vs Tasks
  • Book Reviews

Commercial Real Estate

  • CRE App Reviews
  • Why You Should Consider Syndications as Part of Your Business
  • More Posts Unpacking the Steps in a Prospecting System
  • An Introductory Post on Creating Presence

Those are my plans, but I want to hear from you.  Here is how you ask a question:

  1. Use the comments section below
  2. Include your name and website – I will link to them if I use your question as a post.
  3. Ask your question!

So ask away!  I look forward to increasing the interaction with you on my blog and ensuring that I am listening to my readers.  Use the comments below.

A New Year and a New Look!



2013 is here and I couldn’t be more excited.  One of the most exciting things is the redesign of my blog.  I will tell you up front that it is a work in progress.  However, let me take you through some of the differences:

  • – If you don’t blog, you may have no idea what the difference is between and is the free version where WordPress hosts your blog for you on their servers. is the self-hosted version of WordPress.  The big difference is that on a self-hosted site, I have much more control over the look and capability of my blog.  I’ve been putting off the switch for a while.  The new year was the time to jump in!
  • New Theme – I have left my first theme behind – Standard.  I am now using the Genesis framework with the Focus theme.  I’d love to hear what you think about it!
  • New Products – This is a soft announcement for some products that will be available in the coming months.  I am working on 3 ebooks.  One will be offered free of charge in exchange for you signing up for the email list (all those who have already signed up will receive this ebook as well!).  The other two will be sold at a great value.  The topics of the ebooks are achieving a virtual office, how to increase your income with a killer prospecting system, and how to becoming top of mind by developing your presence.

So this is simply a short post to give you an idea of what is to come.  Please give me your feedback on the look and feel of the site.  I want to hear the good and the bad.  This information will be very valuable as we continue to tweak the site.  I would also love to hear your thoughts on the ebook topics?  Would you be interested?  Would you like different topics instead?  Comment below!