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  • Robert E. Castells

    I am having a hard time subscribing to, please suscribe me. My email is : Also as requested please post your effective 3/4 page ” Prospecting Letter , so Thousands of your followers will get the idea. Bo ” a picture/ sample letter is worth a thousand words”, Thanks , Robert

  • 48DaysDan

    Bo – great seeing you at NMX. So now that you’ve moved on to this cool new opportunity what’s your email address?

  • Hi Bo,
    I have a guest blog to submit, but realized I only have your svn email. Feel free to email me via tBL at and I will send you the guest blog post.

  • Hello Bo,
    I couldn’t find your email address so I am posting here. Feel free to email me at I’m a longtime reader and fan of your blog. I recently started my own blog and would welcome your insight. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts. The address is Thanks,

  • Jim Noone

    Bo, I am a new reader to your site and would like to compliment you on the CS series specifically. I have found it very useful working within the Commercial Real Estate industry. My email is I had a couple questions about property owner databases and other sources for this information. Would you mind providing your email so that I may contact you? Thank you. – Jim

  • Carol J Shin

    Hi Bo. I just read your blog and this is the first time I am reaching out to ANYONE in the web galaxy. You seem genuine and we have read books in common. Is there any way I can get in touch with you via email to ask you a few questions pertaining to my business in NYC? Perhaps we can help eachother but I would like your advice in my business which isn’t addressed in any platform. I hope to hear from you. Thank you kindly.

  • Chad Graham

    Hi Bo what is the product type called for lexisnexis that you use for prospecting?

  • Hello Bo,

    I recently started my own company after working for several years in the industry. Would appreciate your thoughts on my website and your advice for a new managing broker. Thanks!


    Hi Bo! My name is Chloe and I manage the top 25 markets for As a Development Pipeline Tracking site for CRE, we allow anyone, anywhere to contribute to the future of their city. If you have time to check out our site – – we’d love any feedback you have! Thanks so much! Have an awesome day.

  • Jim Tucker

    Hi Bo, looking for a VA to help mine prospects using ProspectNow. If you have a list or a service you recommend, would love to learn about it. Glad to see you are taking care of Rod for us. Jim Tucker

  • Grilles

    Bo, is there a link to the immersion event somewhere on your site? Thx