[Free Webinar] How Your Marketing Can Win You Listings

Commercial real estate is changing. The internet has helped in leveling the playing field. Best practices are now easily shared – within companies and without. It is now harder than ever to differentiate yourself from your competition.

This month’s webinar with my friend Kris Krisco of Buildout.com is all about how your marketing should actually win you listings. You can register for the webinar – at 3pm Eastern on August 5th – by clicking here.
by ShadeON via iStock.com

by ShadeON via iStock.com

The marketing of your listings is for the purpose of finding the most potential buyers. The more buyers equates to more offers. More offers, if the listing is priced right, can generate a quasi-auction environment. So not only do you find a buyer, but the best buyer – and, get the most out of that buyer.

But you can also use your marketing to win listings.

I shared with you last month how I would use Buildout.com to produce brilliant and beautiful proposals quickly. I was asking one of my Massimo Group coaching clients last week how long it takes him to prepare a proposal. For a good one, it takes him 7-10 days. That’s just too slow.

Moving faster than your competition is a great way to win business.

Another tactic Buildout allows you to do to win business with your marketing is creating websites at the click of a button.

I remember doing this a few years back. I was preparing for a listing presentation. So I created the listing website as if the property were being marketed. With Buildout, this took one click of the button. I then uploaded my proposal to the site.

I went to the meeting with nothing in my hands. I logged on to the prospects computer and brought up the website for his property. He was impressed. I then showed him how to download his proposal. He was really impressed.

I then showed him how I just need to perform a few more mouse-clicks and the world would know his property is for sale. He thanked me for the demonstration and said he would make his decision the following week.

When I got back to my office, I logged in and took his website down. He called me that evening asking where the site had gone. He wanted to show his wife. I shared that the site will go live when he signs the listing agreement.

I won the listing before my competition was even able to put their proposal together. That is what Buildout gives you the tools to do.

FREE Webinar: How Your Marketing Can Win You Listings

When: Wednesday, August 5th at 3:00 pm Eastern

Capacity: 100 (we filled up last month)

Register: Click Here

Why You Should Register:

  • Regardless of whether you sign up to use Buildout or not, you are going to hear some great ideas that you can do own your own.
  • The webinar is free!
  • I have negotiated an offer with Buildout that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • And if you just like seeing cutting edge technology, then this webinar is for you.

Who the Webinar is for:

  • Brokerage Owners – if you have as few as 2 brokers in your firm, Buildout is a no-brainer.
  • Marketing Directors – if you are responsible for preparing the proposals and packages for your firm, you are going to love Buildout – and you can thank me later.
  • Brokerage Teams – if you are on a team of brokers, Buildout will make you more efficient and keep you in front of your prospects and clients.

Who the Webinar is NOT for:

  • Tenant Reps: Buildout doesn’t quite have what you need. But stay tuned…it will!
  • One-man shows: There will likely be a product for the one-person shop in the future, but not yet.

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