How to Achieve Virtual Freedom – Day 8 of 30 D2aBB

Anything that Anyone Else Can Do They Should Do

Entrepreneurs suffer from what John Maxwell calls the Law of the Lid. This law says that the entrepreneur is the cap on what can be accomplished. In other words, he or she is the bottle-neck of their own business. Most entrepreneurs I know suffer from some version of this. The truth is just because you can do it better doesn’t mean that you should.

How to Achieve Virtual Freedom

There is one particular conversation I have had with my wife about 4 times now. We had it again just last week.

I want to hire someone to come and clean the house. She doesn’t like to clean (though she does a great job). And I want to free her up so she can spend her time on other things. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

The problem is she doesn’t want a house-cleaner. She stays home with the kids. She feels like it is part of her responsibility to clean the house.

What I think she is missing is that our family would run better if she spent her time on the most important things. My guess is that if I asked her to make a list of the most important things, physically cleaning the house wouldn’t be on it. Spending time with our kids would be on the list. Volunteering in their schools would be on the list. Working out and taking care of herself would be on the list. Have more time for the things that matter – that is real benefit of a house cleaner.

The same is true in your business. What is it that you are doing that you shouldn’t be doing?

Every business owner (all of you CRE brokers are business owners) should achieve virtual freedom by following these 4 simple steps.

4 Simple Steps to Achieve Virtual Freedom and Build Your Team

  1. List all your tasks over the course of a week – If you’ve ever kept a food diary, you get the idea. List everything that you do. Everything. Check emails. Return calls. Create marketing package. Prospecting calls, etc. You are going to have two reactions. The first is you will be surprised at all the things you do. The second is you will be shocked at all the time you waste.
  2. Decide which tasks are the most important – Important tasks aren’t always urgent. They are normally high dollar activities. Prospecting activities. Creating presence in your market. Investing in your team. These are the most important things.
  3. Delegate anything that anyone else can do – Or ask yourself, which of these tasks are the ones only I can do. Everything else becomes a job description for someone else. Keep in mind here what you are worth an hour. If you aren’t sure, just hold on for a few days. I have a post coming up about that.
  4. Consider virtual assistants – I get that some of you don’t have teams. For you, I would consider virtual assistants. I have used them and highly recommend. There are thousands of exceedingly qualified free lance virtual assistants who can do anything from research your prospect list, create marketing packages, graphic design, to manage your email (doesn’t that sound awesome!)

I have some recommended reading for you and some sites if the idea of virtual assistants has tickled your fancy.

So I hope I've stimulated your thinking a little on the possibilities. My question is what is your next step? Who is missing on your team? What other resources have you found useful? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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