[Video] Why Do We Fall?

This week I had the privilege of traveling to Salisbury, MD to visit SVN Miller Commercial.  This group is the Sperry Van Ness 2012 Firm of the Year.  They are a study in how to build a team with incredible culture.  They like each other.  They have tradition.  They have camaraderie.  They absolutely dominate their market.

I had the pleasure of training their entire company primarily on prospecting.  At the end of our afternoon together, Brent Miller played this video.  I was so moved that I wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy!  And attack next week as if you cannot be stopped!  What are you going to accomplish this week?

I Know How to Fix a Broken CRE Market: Video

I remember the first time that a drill instructor tried to describe how I was supposed to make the rack.  It did not go well.  A ‘rack’ is a bed, by the way.  There is a very specific way that this is done.  Nothing short of perfection is acceptable.  There is a 6 inch fold here.  A 45 degree crease there.  The green cover was pulled so tight…

iStockPhoto by alexsi

iStockPhoto by alexsi

The problem I had was drill instructors don’t speak English.  They speak Marine.  And they do it loudly.  What do you do when having a difficult time understanding someone? You watch their mouths.  However, you aren’t allowed to look directly at a DI.  I was not able to quickly process the super fast speech, the unique cadence, the strange words, and the gravely voice.  I mean seriously!  He was explaining to me how to make a bed!

This was the first time I heard the term “Barney-style.”  Barney-style means I’m going to explain something in a super simple way.  I also heard shotgun-style a few times, but “Barney” was the term of choice to describe the recruit who was utterly confused.  That was me on that day.

Commercial Real Estate has a broken and fractured market.  It does not function to serve the best interest of the buyer or seller.  It serves the best interest of the broker.  And brokers tend to be greedy.  I have the solution to this, and I am going to give it to you Barney-style.

The following 3:59 minute animated video is voiced over by my CEO, Kevin Maggiacomo.  This is without a doubt the easiest to understand version of the Sperry Van Ness Difference.  I challenge you to watch it and share with me your thoughts in the comments section.

So what do you think?  Would you be willing to proactively cooperate – engage the most buyers the fastest for you clients best interest?  To do so, you must put aside your own.  What do you say?  Don’t you aagree it’s the right thing to do?