The Difference Between Top Producers and the Others

If you have read this blog, you know that I am in the commercial real estate industry.  Since the crash in the CRE market in the second half of 2008, I have heard a lot of complaining.

In my coaching business with the Massimo Group, I have also had the great privilege of coach CRE throughout the United States and Canada.  From the catbird’s seat, I have gotten to see what top producers do that all the others do not.

The difference?


How many times have you heard brokers complain about how the market has sunk their business?  Maybe I’m talking about you?  You have heard the cliché, “a rising tide lifts all ships.”  The reverse of that would be, “a sinking tide sinks all ships.”  That seems to be the mantra of the CRE industry of the last four years.

Not so for top producers.

Many brokers prospect when they start their careers.  But then something happens.  They have success.  They become known.  They start to get referrals.  Business starts to find them.

Then they stop prospecting.

This somewhat describes the first 4 years of my career.  I walked into a family commercial real estate business where my father and grandfather had great success – for decades.  I inherited presence.  The “tide” was so high when I started in November 2004 that I was going to have success.  I never had to prospect.  Business just walked right through our office door.

Then 2008 happened.  All of the sudden, business dried up.  I realized that those who don’t prospect are hitched to the market.  If the market is great, you have a great year.  If the market is bad, you have a bad year.

You have no control of your business.

Top producers refuse to relinquish control.  They understand that the only way they can have consistent deal flow is to make prospecting the core of their business.  Having presence where business walks through your door is a blessing.  But it is also a trap.

Top producers come in all shapes and sizes.  Men and women.  Some with this personality and some with that.  Some are tall and good-looking.  Some are short with a bad hairline.  The one constant is that they prospect.  Every day.  They block out time to ensure they are doing the most important thing.

There is no secret sauce.  The one thing that can set you apart is right there in front of you.  Take it.  Refuse to be crippled by your fear of the cold call – of rejection.  Pick up the phone.  Then do it again – and again.

Now is the time to pause and reflect.  A new year is fast approaching.  Allow 2013 to be that pivotal year in your career when you break free of mediocrity.  Nothing is stopping you but yourself!

So what role did prospecting play in your business in 2012?  How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10?  Please share with us a quick story where prospecting led to a deal – it would be so encouraging.

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  • I just posted an entry along the lines of this a couple of days ago. I’ve gotten back to prospecting daily, and sold a little building in one day. I was on the way to meet a property owner that I try and touch base with every 8-10 months or so. I had a brand new listing near his office. In conversation I told him of it, we jumped in the car, rode down there, and within five minutes he says, “I’ll take it. I want to offer 5% lower than list price” We were closed in 14 days. You have to get out and talk to people, and invest in relationships.1

  • Cheryl Job

    Thanks Bo! This article totally resonates with me and I am motivated! One of the things I love about our business is that we “create our own personal economy.”

    • You are so right! Thanks for the comment. Hope to shake you hand in San Francisco!

  • We believe this at REI Wise and hold monthly sessions on how to increase your business using the tools you’ve invested in, like our platforms. Having been a agent I know the prospecting game – and it is what you give it! You can cut open an orange and expect the juice to get in the glass, you gotta work it!

  • John Nelson

    I could not agree more Bo. Thank you so much for the motivation. This applies truly commercial or residential.

    • No question, John. It really applies to anyone that is selling anything. Stay tuned for how to do it from my next couple of posts.