What I’m Doing Different This Valentine’s Day

Based on the reader’s survey I did last month, I now know that about 80% of my readers are male.  For those of you with daughters, I expect you will relate to this post.

Me and my baby girl

Me and my baby girl

My wife and I were married in 2000 – by far one of my best decisions.  I have the kind of marriage that has continuously exceeded my expectations.  She challenges me to be a better man.  She loves me.  She completely rocks.  I am blessed.

For whatever reason, we’ve never really engaged in Valentine’s Day.  I commented earlier tonight that every day is Valentine’s Day being married to her.  She promptly rolled her eyes and faked throwing up in her mouth.

But now I have a little girl.  I am going to take her on a date for Valentine’s Day because I want her to know four truths.

  1. Her daddy loves her.  I tell her all the time, but I want to create memories with her.  I want her to be able to look back and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love her.
  2. Her daddy thinks she is beautiful.  I’ve heard debate about this.  I’ve heard that it isn’t good to let your kids think they are beautiful.  I think that is straight from the pit and smells like smoke (as my buddy says).  I think a little girl longs to know that her daddy is captivated by her.  My little girl is beautiful.  I tell her all the time.  My favorite time of day is how she screams “daddy” and runs to give me a hug every time I come home – love it!  She will never wonder if her daddy thinks she’s beautiful.
  3. Her daddy wants to spend time with her.  I naturally do more things with my boys.  Tonight I took them to a local college basketball game.  I left her at home with her mother.  I can’t bear the thought that she could look back and wish we spent more time together.  I’m going to tell her with my words that I love her.  I’m going to tell her with my time as well.
  4. Her daddy will guard her heart.  I want to be a safe place for my little girl to confide in me.  I want her to know that I am going to protect and look out for her.  I want her to know she can trust me with her heart.  One day, some young man is going to come and ask me for the responsibility of holding her heart.  Until then, I want her to know that job is mine.  I take it seriously.  [And Clint from her preschool class – let this be a warning to you, little man!]

7D795C2D-559D-495B-BE7E-EAC96B06F311So this Valentine’s Day, we are going to go on a date.  I’m going to let her see how she puts a sparkle in my eyes.  We are going to laugh.  We are going eat sushi (at least I will).  We will probably go see a movie.  I am going to try to make her feel like the queen of the world.

Question: So what are your plans this Valentine’s Day? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Melissa Cox Coombs

    We are having a family Valentines dinner at home. It seems like for the special occasions mom and dad get to get dresse up and go out to dinner and the kids have to go to Nanas and then they are upset they didn’t get to go out to eat etc So I am cooking everyone’s favorite, homemade fried chicken and all the fixin’s. I figure we can all enjoy each others company and a good meal and since V Day is about LOVE we will spend it with the ones we love the most!

  • abuchanan

    So great to hear this! A little girl needs her dad more than most of us believe! Enjoy your time with her, Bo. She’ll be grown an married before you can imagine.

    • Is that you kissing your little girl on her wedding day? Wow – beautiful picture. The thought of that day coming for my little 4 year old could reduce me to a pile of mush. Thanks for sharing that Alan!

      • abuchanan

        Yessir! March of 2013. One of the best days of our lives…and yes, I was a pile of mush!

        • I can’t get over the emotion in the picture – incredible.

          • abuchanan

            No GREATER joy in a Dad’s life than walking his daughter down the aisle!…plus, We really love her husband…a bonus! The day was perfect in every way…except it snowed…in March! You can’t see the goose bumps in this image…cold and emotion.

  • This is a sweet and special post, Bo. Thank you for being a model dad.

    • Thanks Barbi – I have a model dad. I just try to be like him.

  • Meredith n’John Jarboe

    Bo, this is what makes a special bond between a dad and his little girl. Keep this up and you will always have a special place in her heart. I know my dad has a special place in mine.