Why You Will Never Dominate Your Market – These 7 Reasons

If you are reading this blog, it is likely that you want more.  You want to improve your productivity, your prospecting, your presence, your something.  Nobody gets up every morning with the goal of being mediocre.  Ultimately, you want to dominate your market.  But the truth is, you can’t.

7 Reasons You Will Never Dominate Your Market

My kids are in the driveway right now playing basketball with the neighbor kids.  When I was their age, the Bad Boys version of the Detroit Pistons were winning championships.  I remember playing in the driveway and pretending I was Isaiah Thomas and Joe Dumars.

I wanted to dominate a basketball game the way they did. But I topped out at 5’7” with less than average athletic ability and a suspect jump shot.  I was never going to dominate a basketball game.

And you are never going to dominate your market because of these 7 reasons.

7 Reasons You Will Never Dominate Your Market

  1. You don’t keep score – Numbers never lie.  If you don’t keep score, you never know if you are winning. By the way, those who dominate keep score.  It is the hordes of the mediocre who don’t want the proof.
  2. You don’t have a system – Systems are just checklists.  If this happens, then we do this.  Systems make you more efficient and productive.  They also produce desired and predictable outcomes.  The beauty of a system is you know what to adjust to improve the outcome.  Without a system, you are simply guessing – taking a shot in the dark.  And wasting a ton of time and effort.  Dominators are blowing right by you.
  3. You don’t time-block – Time-blocking is the practice of scheduling an appointment, with yourself, for the most important tasks of your week.  You actually do this on your calendar.  When something urgent pops up, you simply say, “I have an appointment I can’t break.”  This ensures you are focusing on the most important tasks of the week and not succumbing to the “tyranny of the urgent.”
  4. You don’t have a coach – Peyton Manning was the opening keynote speaker atICSC just last week.  This is a quote directly from him.
    • “Everyone, and I mean everyone, no matter how experienced or seasoned you are, needs a coach to continue to grow. … Someone who has the capacity and the willingness to point out what works — but more candidly, what doesn’t work. I still want to be coached after 17 years. I actually get angry when I’m not coached. I want someone with the knowledge and insight to break down what I’m doing and to help me see things from a slightly different perspective. To take me back to the basics and rebuild from that foundation. In my opinion, as soon as someone stops wanting to be coached, taught or mentored, I think they’re in big trouble.”

  5. You are lazy –  It is my opinion that sales people are mostly lazy.  I say that because the ones who aren’t lazy have such incredible results.  If you want to differentiate yourself from the pack in your market, just be diligent.  That could be the single quickest way to move the needle.  Do what you know you should be doing.  But you won’t.
  6. You are normal – Normal as in you do nothing to differentiate yourself from your competition.  You are a cog – a commodity.  Commodities compete on price.  Dominators compete on value.  You need to be able to communicate your value proposition in 30 seconds.  Why you?  What makes you different…better?
  7. You are afraid
    • of looking dumb – This was my issue.  I couldn’t stand the thought of being asked a question and not knowing the answer.  This paralyzed me for so long.  I would just stare at that phone…and do nothing.
    • of rejection – Sales has many more “No’s” than “Yes’s”.  Many more.  And regardless of whether you are in a traditional sales or not, you are selling something.  If you ever want to have influence or success in sales, you need to get rid of this fear.  But you won’t.
    • of failure – Many of you got into this business because you saw the success of others.  And then you get into the research department of your shop and figure out how to be content there…because you don’t want to risk it and fail.

At age 22, I walked into a Marine recruiters office and asked what they had for me.  This chiseled mountain of a man with a high & tight responded, “I don’t have [bleep] for you.  I wonder if you have the metal to be in my Marine Corps.”

Then later, as we were going through the MOS (job) book, I asked him what a cryptologic linguist was.  His answer was:  “Don’t worry about it.  You aren’t smart enough to get that job.”  This guy was pushing my buttons.

I am trying to push yours.  I want you to try to prove me wrong like I proved my recruiter wrong.

But you won’t.

Question: am I succeeding in pushing your buttons? Let me know what you are going to do with the rest of the year. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I have created a simple one-page worksheet that will walk you through the 5 steps to time-blocking your week for maximum efficiency and productivity.  You can download it by clicking the button below.

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The Great Commercial Real Estate CRM Debate hosted by The Massimo Group

The Great #CRE NCAA Debate – UK vs Duke

The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Rod Santomassimo, Duke graduate, has challenged Big Blue Nation.  He and I give our 5 reasons why our team will win the NCAA championship this year.

Now don’t just watch the video below.  We want to hear from you.  We want to know who you think makes the best argument for our teams.

The 9 Steps to Pursuing the Hearts of Your Kids

I have three children.  As I write this, they are 12 (Will), 8 (Ben), and 5 (Maddie).  They completely rock.  They bring me great joy.  They add tremendous flavor to our family.  I also blame them for most of my grey hair though I doubt that is true.  And they could not be more different.

9 Steps Pursuing the hearts of your kids

My sister is a Meyers-Briggs expert so we have learned some about personalities.  Without going into a lot of detail, I am an INTJ.  My wife is an ISFJ and so is my oldest son.  He is literally the male version of my wife – personality-wise.

My middle son is an ESFP (I think) and is exploding with creativity and energy.  The thought to pick something up has never once occurred to him – ever.

My baby girl is definitely an extrovert, but I’m not sure on the rest yet.  However, she is girlie and tough as nails at the same time.

My family spends a lot of time together, which I love.  However, I don’t spend much time one-on-one with my kids.  So one of my goals for 2015 is to spend one-on-one time every month with each child.  I want to know them.  I want to champion the best in them.  I want to build a rock solid relationship with them.  I want to be a safe place for them.  All of these ideals require time.

In January, my son Ben and I were trying to figure out what we’d do together.  He came up with the idea that he wanted a blog like his daddy.  The kid is so creative and funny that I thought this would be a great outlet for him.  So we created www.ben-barron.com where he and I create funny videos. Feel free to take a couple of minutes and go check it out – and keep in mind that he is just 8.

So here are the 9 steps that any parent can follow to pursue the hearts of their children.

  1. Understand the importance of relationship – Relationship is the bedrock of the parent-child relationship.  Everything you do either strengthens or erodes this relationship.  And there is a window into their hearts that they have to open from the inside.  It is your relationship with them that will show them you are trustworthy to be invited in.
  2. Be intentional – This has been my struggle and the reason I have this goal for 2015.  If I am not intentional about protecting time with my kids, it won’t happen.  You should also be intentional about taking advantage of teaching moments.  Use events of the day to speak truth into their lives and demonstrate how big of theirs you are.
  3. Become a student of your kids – Study your kids.  They are different.  If I treat them all the same, I will connect with some and miss others.  I want to know my kids.  I want to understand and recognize their personalities.  I want to know that my son processes information by pulling from his memories of the past.  I process information by looking forward to future possibilities. Knowing that about him gives me all kinds of insight into how I can communicate and love on him in a way that he will most easily receive.
  4. Be a safe place – This gets back to that window in their hearts.  They will only invite you in if you are a safe place.  That means not getting angry.  I want my son to come to me when he messes up so I can help him grow through the experience.  He needs to know that he can be honest with me without me getting angry.  I want to encourage him to come to me rather than prevent it by demonstrating that when he confesses he will get in a ton of trouble (that is not to say he might not get in trouble).
  5. Demonstrate vulnerability – My dad has started doing this over the last couple of years.  He has been sending emails out to the family on a fairly regular basis sharing some of his failures.  My dad is an achiever.  As his kids, we rarely saw him fail.  When he shares his vulnerabilities with us, it is like we are being freed up to swing for the fences – and maybe strike out in the process.
  6. Spend one-on-one time – Our kids equate time with love.  When I say no to the rest of the world and dedicate time to just one of them, they feel loved.  With my oldest, we play basketball or baseball.  With my middle son, we created his blog.  I think our next project will be building a model airplane.  With my daughter, we go on dates.  We even have our favorite restaurant.  Earlier this week, we also shot this video below.
  7. Validate their gifts – The Lord has created our kids in a unique way.  They are all clearly different.  He has gifted them differently.  I believe it is our duty as their parents to validate their gifts.  And this can be hard if you are an athlete and your child is artistic, for example. We must validate their giftedness.
  8. Champion the best in them – Encourage what you want repeated.  I think as parents we focus on the negative too much.  I want to praise the behavior that I want to reinforce in their lives.  This means we must look for the times they are doing things right and then make a big deal about it.
  9. Become their biggest fan – I want them to know I believe in them.  I want them to know their daddy thinks they are rock stars.  I want them to know that I will be at their games.  I will be there when they test for their next belt (2 of my kids are Karate butt-kickers!)  They have to know that no one is a bigger fan of theirs than me.

I'd love to hear what you think: How have you pursued the hearts of your kids? What has worked for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

If you would like to download a free PDF of these 9 steps, simply click the button below.

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Ask Me a Question From Allen Buchanan

I got my first question from the new voicemail feature last week and I wanted to respond right away.   And even though the question from Allen Buchanan was in jest, I got to share my fool-proof 4 step system to a winning March Madness bracket.

If you would like to be featured in the next video, simply hit the button on the right of the screen and leave me a voicemail using your computer.

New Feature – Ask Me a Question

One of my desires this year is to make this blog more interactive with my readers…with you.  I recently stumbled across a really cool app/plugin that is going to help me do so.


You can now ask me a question, via your computer, directly through this blog.  Here is how it works.

  1. Click on the Send Voicemail button on the right middle of any page on my blog.BoBarron.com Speakpipe
  2. Make sure your mic is on.
  3. Record a question up to 90 seconds in length.  The app lets you listen to your message and re-record so don’t fret about flubbing up.
  4. Be sure to include your name, location, and your website – so I can send traffic your way.
  5. Feel free to ask me anything about main topics of this blog – or anything else.  Prospecting, Productivity, Personal Development, Creating Presence, or Life Lessons.
  6. At least one a month, I will choose a question to answer.  And if you are really lucky, I will post my response with video!
  7. The chosen question will receive a prize!

So what has been on your mind?  What would you like to ask?  I certainly don’t have all the answers, but we can all learn together.

Just 12 Days Remain Until The Next N2B Group Launch

Many of you may have missed the webinar Rod Santomassimo and I conducted last week on How to Thrive as a N2B Broker.  I wanted to invite you to check out the recording which you can access by clicking the button below.

I also wanted to remind you there are only 12 10 days remaining as I type this to sign up for the next N2B group coaching program through the Massimo Group which I will be coaching.  We have a limited amount of seats with only 13 11 remaining.

See Recorded Webinar!

The 4 Needs of Every New to the Business Broker

On March 18 at 2pm EST, Rod Santomassimo and I are hosting a free webinar – How to Thrive as a New to the Business Broker. We will be covering in more depth the content of this post. You can register below!

I remember the first day I started in commercial real estate.  I got out of the Marine Corps the day before.  All of the sudden, I’m wearing civilian clothes and standing in a blank office.  There was a phone and a laptop on my desk and little else.  If I’m being honest, I didn’t have a clue what to do.

The 4 Things Every New To The Business

I spent the next two years trying to figure it out.  I shadowed my dad constantly.  I noticed how he handled situations – what he said to clients and prospects.  I was soaking it all in.  I battled the nagging thought in my mind that said, “Why would anyone want to work with you when they could work with your dad.”

I lacked confidence.  I lacked a framework.  I lacked understanding about what were the most important things.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Commercial real estate is not easy.  Most new to the business (N2B) brokers don’t make it past their first year.  I was fortunate that I had a dad who wouldn’t let me fail.  Everyone doesn’t have that.  This is why Rod Santomassimo, founder and president of the Massimo Group, and I are hosting a free webinar later this week on How to Thrive as a New to the Business Broker.

We believe any N2B broker can thrive if they focus on 4 critical needs.

4 Needs of Every N2B Broker

  1. Pipeline – A broker’s pipeline is the bloodline for his/her business.  In fact, a 10-year study showed that the amount of time between a broker’s first and second deal accurately predicted the long-term success of their career.  A N2B broker needs deal flow in a full and vibrant pipeline.
  2. Prospecting – Prospecting is how you fill up your pipeline.  I spoke with a N2B broker last week who said his shop gave him a phone and a book of property owners.  His directive was to start calling.  Is that the best way to prospect?  How do you learn and apply the best prospecting practices of top-producing brokers?
  3. Production – Prospecting is one thing, but what do you do when you start to win some business?  How do you get that exclusive to the finish line so you can actually get paid?  In many industries, you gain a client when the prospect buys something.  There is an added step in real estate.  You have to find the business, then win the business, and then fulfill the business.  Then you get paid.
  4. Planning – How should a N2B broker spend his/her time?  Should it be on research?  20 hours a week prospecting?  Networking? Oh that someone would have given me a blueprint at the start of my career that could have accelerated my success.

8 Reasons Why You Need Digital Presence

My dad started developing self-storage units somewhere around 1980.  The name of this company is AAA Rent-A-Space.  About the same time, my mom had one of four or five Century21 franchises in our town.  The name was Century21 A Barron Company.  Both of these companies were named so they would be listed first in the yellow pages.  How do you think the yellow pages business is doing right now?

Business man surrounded by people

One of the comments I hear most often as I engage with experienced brokers across the country is this.  “These kids are coming out of nowhere and taking my market share.”  They are lamenting that the presence that took them a decade or more to develop is being eroded by younger, new to the business brokers who are creating dominating digital presence.

Presence is being known – being top-of-mind.  You know you have it when the most influential and connected people in your market are sending business your way.  You know you have it when people are glad you called and don’t need to ask who you are.

It is no secret that commercial real estate is behind the curve when it comes to digital presence adoption.  We have an industry that is dominated by white men who aren’t in their 20’s or 30’s anymore.  That is just a demographic fact (though I see this changing.)

There is a reason why younger brokers are having this kind of success.  What used to take a decade or more to build, can now be accomplished in a year or two.  But this is not just a younger person’s game.  The landscape has changed. Anyone can take advantage of this powerful aspect of building your business.

In fact, everyone in a sales or service profession should create a digital presence.  Here’s why.

My Son Lip-Sync's 'Let it Go'

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon, my son thought that we should have the first annual Barron Family Lip-Sync Competition.  He also wanted to have the competition on his blog – Ben-Barron.com.  Not bad for an 8 year old, eh?

The rules are as follows: whoever has the most comments, likes, etc. wins.  I thought I would give his sight a boost by inviting all of you to check it out.  I’ll be posting my daughter’s video in a few days.  Be sure you check out Ben’s blog.  He can’t type yet so he is big on video.