The One Marketing Tool You Need to Drive Your CRE Business – Free Webinar

I remember the first time I saw a real property package. You know the ones I’m talking about. They are beautiful. Maps. Demographics. Graphs. Comps. All branded beautifully and consistently. I was blown away.

I had been in the business for about a year before I saw one. Our firm was small town CRE. Not only did we have relationships, but we had them going back generations. Business walked in our door. We didn’t have to compete or present (not much, at least).

Businessman having stress in the office

But then I got called into my first dog and pony show. I was one of three brokers who would present to win the business. I knew the other brokers would walk in with these beautiful proposals.

I spent days trying to create the package that would stack up. It was futility. I was beyond frustrated.

I could tell you many more stories about frustrations I’ve had with different parts of the business. Entering data over and over again in different apps and listing portals as none of them talk to each other.

I remember the first time I tried to create a retailer map with Photoshop and google searches for logos.

I remember trying to merge documents into a cohesive pdf – just to find out I need one simple edit. Ugh! Start over from scratch.

I’m guessing you can relate to these frustrations.

Well I have a treat for you. On Wednesday at 3pm Eastern, I’m hosting a free webinar to show you the one tool you need to eradicate all of these frustrations from your business – and so many more. CRE tech has lagged so far behind, but Buildout is going to change that.

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Kris Krisco from Buildout is going to join me and demonstrate what Buildout can do. You will be amazed.

Here are 6 reasons you should attend this webinar:

6 Reasons To Attend My Buildout Webinar

1. Time – Time is the most valuable resource you possess. It is absolutely limited. Plus, high dollar activities in CRE are worth big bucks. Handling the marketing is not. Buildout will absolutely save you and your firm a ton of time.

2. Branding – Branding consistency is a huge deal whether you are a boutique firm or a big national. Consistent touch points reinforce trust, etc. Buildout makes this super easy and automatic. And their in-house designers handle everything.

3. Speed – Speed to market is a huge competitive advantage. I’m going to share a story on the webinar Wednesday about a particular deal where we were super fast. I still can’t believe we pulled that off – and all because we had Buildout.

4. Free access to your own information – We used to pay Loopnet to have the privilege of putting our listings on their site (one of the many duplicate data entry points). Then we would pay them again to have those listings on our website. And, Loopnet reaped the SEO for all of it. Buildout solves this.

5. Retailer maps – I can’t wait for you to see how long it takes to create a retailer map – seconds.

6. Magic fairy dust – I admit – a little over-the-top. I’m going to stop my list here. There is too much more. But we are going to show it to you on Wednesday. And some of this stuff looks like magic to me.

I have one more reason you should attend. I’ve negotiated the absolute best deal to offer on the webinar. You won’t be able to get this anywhere else.

If you identify with any of these frustrations or want to just see what Buildout can do, click the button below to claim your spot – space is limited.

So I hope you will join us Wednesday. It is going to be full of info you can use and could literally save you thousands of dollars.

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Free Webinar: The One Tool You Need to Maximize Work Flow Efficiency, Brand Consistency, and Competitive Advantage

Date: July 1, 2015
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Eastern
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Topic: Free Webinar: The One Tool You Need to Maximize Work Flow Efficiency, Brand Consistency, and Competitive Advantage
Sponsor: Buildout
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[Video] Ask Bo – A Question from Jeno Berta on Prospecting

This episode of Ask Bo stems from a question sent in by Jeno Berta.  Jeno has a great question regarding prospecting for a New to the Business (N2B) broker.

He asks about what daily prospecting tasks are essential to the N2B broker as well as what one habit is most important to to the success of his business.

Go check Jeno out on Twitter at @jeno630.

I also mention in the video the prospecting series I wrote. Click here to see The 8 Steps to a Killer Prospecting System.

If you would like to ask me a question, look to the right of the screen and click the ‘Send Voicemail’ button.  You can then send me a voicemail straight through your computer. The next episode of Ask Bo could be featuring you!

Have a blessed day!

How to Capture and Keep the Unicorn Called Inbox-Zero

Email is the bane of my existence. It is the constant interrupter. It knocks me off schedule. It distracts. Yet, it is important. It is one of the major forms of communication I use.

This post has a lot of goodies for you. I have created a cheat sheet for you to download and take with you.

Download Your Email Inbox-Zero Cheat Sheet

Let me make a confession. I had 954 emails in my inbox yesterday. It was like my inbox was 954-lbs – just weighing me down.


I received an email from John Lee Dumas this week that has shifted my paradigm regarding email. I am writing this post to myself as I want to solidify this change in thinking. I also want to execute and solve my email problem once and for all.


Have you ever heard of OPA before? I hadn’t until I read JLD’s email. OPA stands for Other People’s Agenda. That is what the email inbox is. A collection of emails.  All of them are seeking to get you on their agenda. That almost makes me mad. So here is my plan to effectively and efficiently deal with my inbox. To be clear, I am defining daily email success as reaching inbox zero every day.

At this moment, I have achieved inbox-zero. I feel fantastic. I have captured the unicorn. This is how I’m going to keep it.

In fact, anyone can achieve email success (inbox zero) by following these 4 steps.

The 4 Steps to Achieve Inbox Zero…and stay there!

1. Declare Bankruptcy – Last night I was staring at an inbox with 950+ emails. If I spent one minute sifting through each email, it would have taken 15+ hours. No thank you. I started from the oldest emails and highlighted all on a page – 50 at a time. I then quickly scanned the emails and unchecked any that I wanted to take a look at. After about an hour, I was down to less than 70 emails.

2. Utilize Technology – There are some great apps I would recommend that can help you stay at inbox zero. These apps also helped me deal with the last 70 emails I had left after my bankruptcy.

1. Inbox Pause – I didn’t know this existed, but I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. This free app will literally pause your inbox. If you need to focus for 90 minutes on a specific task without emails flooding your inbox, just pause it. It is brilliant.

inbox pause


inbox pause 2

This single app puts you back in control of your inbox. In fact, I suggest you keep your inbox paused and only turn it on during scheduled intervals. This means you deal with email completely on your schedule.

And it only works for gmail.

2. Boomerang – You may have heard of Boomerang as I believe it is the number one email add-on for productivity. The same people make Inbox Pause who make Boomerang.

What Boomerang does is give you some scheduling options. You can take an email you don’t know what to do with and have it boomerang back to your inbox in an hour, day, week, or time of your choosing.

Boomerang also lets you schedule emails to be sent later. So, if you are burning the midnight oil, you can schedule the email to be sent at 7:30 a.m. Lot’s of flexibility. I’ve been using this like crazy of the last 24 hours.

Note: the free version is very limited. Do yourself a favor and buy the $4.99 version of it. There’s no telling how many hours this app will save you. Your time is worth way more than $4.99/hr.

And I think it is also only for gmail. Time to switch?

3. Mailbox App – This app is for your phone from the makers of Dropbox. This app allows you to do on your phone what Boomerang does on your browser. It makes email ‘light, fast, and mobile-friendly.” And it does.

With a swipe, you can quickly archive, trash, or schedule it to come back to your inbox in the future – just like Boomerang.

This one works on iOS and Android. They have a desktop app now, but I haven’t used it. It can unify your emails on different platforms – sounds pretty slick.

4. Filters – This is super easy in Gmail and cumbersome in Outlook – but possible. I signed up for John Maxwell’s email list. Turns out that he emails more than I like. I do want his emails, but I want them on my schedule. So I set up a filter that takes his emails straight to a special ‘folder’ and skips my inbox.

3. Only look at an email once – This is where I really struggle. I will look at an email, not know what to do with it, and leave it there. I’ve wasted 30 seconds and not resolved anything. Thus, I will have to look at it again. Maybe then I will be ready to make a decision.

You have 4 choices – just four.

  1. Deal with it – I generally do this if it takes 2 minutes or less to do so. If you’ve read Getting Things Done, you know where I got that idea. If you haven’t read this book, do so immediately!
  2. Delegate it – This could take a couple forms. Forward the email immediately to the person on your team who will deal with it. Or, you have someone on your team responsible for handling your inbox, and only the important stuff makes it to you. That sounds awesome and is on my bucket-list.
  3. Delete it – Nuff said.
  4. Defer/Boomerang it – Kick the can down the road until you are in a better place to consider which of the first three choices apply. Just don’t let the email sit in your inbox in the meantime.

4. Turn off notifications – There is nothing more distracting than that pop up notification informing you that you have a new email. Turn it off. I’m serious. Stop reading this post and figure out how to turn the emails notifications off.

This will be less of an issue if you are using the pause app. For you non-gmail folks (I’m so sorry), you will have to do this manually.

So now the question is how long can I maintain inbox zero? I’m going to make this one last.

But I need your help. How have you managed email and kept it from distracting you or completely derailing your day? What have I left off of my list? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Download Your Email Inbox-Zero Cheat-sheet

Great way Of #Packing many clothes in a #little_Bag.... Amazing video ....

Posted by Malik Tajamul Hayat Khan on Monday, May 4, 2015

This video blew me away!  I’ve prided myself on being an expert and uber-efficient packer, but this guy knocked me down a few pegs.

I can’t wait for my next trip so I can geek out and try this.


How You Can Become a Top Producer

So many settle for mediocrity.  I have done it myself.  I despise that place.  You can see others around you excelling at what they do – what you could do.  You may find yourself asking, “Is it even possible for me to have that kind of success?”  Good question.

The Four  Not-So-Secret

I started playing the guitar when I was 14 years old.  I was looking for something that I could be good at.  I had already realized it wasn’t going to be sports.  I took a few months of lessons and then kept playing.  By the time I got to college, I was OK at best.

Then Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds played a show at my college.  They were incredible.  Two guys with their acoustic guitars on stage playing.  No band.  Just them.

The Answer to the Most Asked Question – CRM’s

As I coach commercial real estate professionals, the most asked question is, “What CRM should I use?”

What is the BEST CRM

To answer this, I always tell them the same story. Over a year ago, my church hired a new senior pastor. One of the first things he did was change the pew bibles from one translation to another.

I remember him giving the congregation a heads-up in a sermon about the coming change.

He asked everyone, “What is the best translation of the bible?” When he asked that question, I cringed. I knew how passionate people can get over this issue.

I thought to myself, “This may not be a brilliant way to start your time here.” But then he gave his answer. It was brilliant.

He answered by saying, “The best translation of the bible is the one you will read.” Great answer!

[Video] Ask Bo – A Question from Brian Fleming

In this edition of Ask Bo, Brian Fleming submits his question.  Brian is a CRE pro from Fort Lauderdale and wants to know my take on all the new CRE tech apps that seem to come out on a weekly basis.

How can you remain productive if you are spending all your time trying to learn new applications?  Great question.

I share the 4 essential CRE applications (or software) you absolutely need to remain competitive.  And I also share a huge need that the CRE industry needs.

Be sure to connect with Brian on these platforms:

Links from the video:

Have you ever looked at someone in wonder?  How on earth are they that good?

The next thought is, “I could never do that.”

I want to challenge that thinking today.  Take a look at what this girl achieved in 365 days.

Go and do likewise!

How The Voices In Your Head Can Hold You Back

I heard a great story this week that has had my wheels turning ever since.  I’m going to share it with you in a minute.

But first, I want you to consider how you talk to yourself – in your head.  I think I’ve heard someone call this self-talk.


Photo by David Meier

The way I talk to myself holds me back all the time.  My first couple of years in commercial real estate, it held me way back.  I would talk myself out of making a call.  I would decide for a prospect that they weren’t interested…before I made the call.

This self-talk makes a difference.  What does the talk in your head sound like?  Consider this story.

A rich oil sheik decided he wanted to learn how to play golf.  So he built one of the world’s best golf courses.  It was perfect – gorgeous.

The sheik then invited a US club pro to spend two weeks with him on his new golf course giving him lessons. The pro accepted the invitation.

So the Sheik sent his private jet to collect the pro and bring him to the Middle East.  Once there, the pro spent two weeks in complete opulence.   Everything that he could have wanted was available to him.

The pro loved the course and very much enjoyed teaching the Sheik.

After 2 weeks, the pro was boarding the private jet to go back to America.  The Sheik, being very pleased with his two weeks of lessons, offered the pro anything.

The pro responded and told the Sheik that this had been the best 2 weeks of his life.  His hospitality and generosity were payment enough.

The Sheik insisted, asking the pro if he collected anything.