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I read a lot.  Most of my good ideas come from the books I’ve read.  I am constantly suggesting to my clients books that can help them with problems they are facing.  So I am going to offer to you each month a book for your consideration.

I did not enjoy doing book reports when I was in school.  I don’t plan on doing them now.  However, I am going to try to wet your appetite because these are books that have helped me.  They have helped me learn.  They have helped me grow.  They have helped me to think differently.

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones says, “You will be the same today as you will be in 5 years except for two things:  the books you read and the people you meet.”  I agree with him completely.

To Sell Is Human

To Sell Is Human

This month’s book is To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Dan Pink.  You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t want to read another sales book.  If you are, you should reconsider.

Dan Pink is a rock star story-teller.  He is also a world-class researcher.  What he has done in this book is weave together powerful data with engaging stories.  You haven’t enjoyed learning this much in a long time.

And his thesis is true – we are all in sales.  US Labor statistics says that 1 in 9 jobs in America are a sales job.  The other 8 are as well!  We are all in the business of trying to move people.  Are you a teacher?  You are trying to move your students.  Are you in the health-care profession?  You are trying entreat people to live differently – healthier.  You are in sales.

[Quick aside:  I ended a conversation with my little sister to finish this post.  I promised her a shout-out.  Love you Mange!]

This book was an eye opener for me on many levels.  Do you know the most compelling way to make a pitch?  You will after you’ve read this book.

Do you believe the myth that an extrovert is a natural top performing salesperson?  You won’t after this book.  It isn’t the introvert either.

You will also learn:

  • The new ABC’s of selling (Goodbye to Alec Baldwin’s Always Be Closing) – Attune, Buoyancy, and Clarity.
  • How to give the Pixar Pitch.  Hint:  it starts with “Once Upon a Time.”
  • The 6 successors to the elevator pitch.
  • The 3 rules for understanding another’s perspective
  • And much more.

This book is counter-intuitive and supported by a ton of hard data.  It is compelling and will absolutely challenge long-held beliefs that I bet that you hold.

If you are not familiar with Dan Pink, he has given one of the most viewed TED Talks to date with over 5 million views.  It is an incredible short talk that you should watch.  He is outstanding, and his topic is motivation.

If you have read this book or are about to, I would love to hear you thoughts in comment section.  Let me know what your first ‘Aha’ moment was from the book or his TED Talk.

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