CRE All-Stars: An Interview with Chad Grout, CCIM

I tried something new!  Thanks to my new friend Dan Hayes, I can now record a Skype call (if you want to know how, just leave a comment below, and I will hook you up).  This is the first in a series of interviews of CRE All-Stars.  I will be interviewing CRE All-Stars throughout the United States and bringing you their best practices.  So…meet Chad Grout!

Chad Grout, CCIM is a true specialist in the market of Nashville, TN.  I have known him for about 18 months as a client and a friend.  I asked the following four questions to Chad.

  1. How did you get into CRE?
  2. How did you decide on your specialty?
  3. How have you gone about establishing your presence and becoming the top-of-mind broker in your specialty?
  4. Explain what having a coach for your business has allowed you to accomplish?

To find out more about Chad and his business, visit

I will be interviewing CRE All-Stars a couple of times a month.  If you have any suggestions on who I might interview next, please let me know in the comment section below!

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  • JD Crouse

    how did you record your Skype conversation?

  • Good first attempt Bo. On the next one, try to look at the camera and have your guest look at their camera. Also, try to record the conversation with a dark wall in your background rather than a window. The rear lighting makes it difficult for your camera to focus on you. I too am looking to add video to our presentations, but I do not yet feel ready to do so.

    • That one was done on the fly at the last minute. I can’t really do anything about the window, but I’ve bought a lamp that will light up my face. I’m not a perfectionist by any stretch, but I do want it to have a level of excellence. I’m going to learn as I go as opposed to wait to start. Thanks for the suggestions!